Tea table cards for 2016 (set 3)

196. What a beautiful day, for a beautiful bike ride. Thank you so much for your hospitality - we need more peole like you in this world. Thinking of my mother, (name) who will die very soon, I love you.
197. (name) recognize the beauty of this spirit within you and soar on your wings of joy.
198. Thank you tea was very good
199. (in purple one word looks like ficu or fien)
200. To my future self-- I hope you remember today. It was perfect.
201. (in green)Thank you once again for this lovely respite.
202. (color image of the scenery) energetic nourishment, pulse fluidly ...(heart)(name & email address).
203. Jay- a great table! Thank you for it Hi to (name) (name).
204. namaste
205. My friend told me of this place. I finally found it. Not purposefully, rather quite unexpected. I was lost following the Lake Washington trail. I'm lost no longer. (name)
206. I'm here for you, even when you think I hate you. It gets worse before it gets better. (symbols)Love you always (initial)
207. Thank you for helping find the peace within.
208. (pictures eyes mushroon glasses)
209. You do you, me do me life will go on @ every bad moment remeind yourself that you will smile again. Love life (sun butterfly flowers mushrooms)
210. September Morgen (9/23)
Im nebel ruhet noch der welt.
Noch traumen walk und wiesen
Bald siehst du, wenn de schteier fallt
Herbstkraftig die gedamdte welt
In warmenm golde fliessen
(this person slightly misremembered this poem by Eduard Morike)
Im Nebel ruhet noch die Welt,
Noch traumen wald und wiesen
Bld siehst du, wenn der schleier fallt,
Den blauen himmel unverstellt
Herbstkraftig die gedampfte welt,
In warmem golde fliessen

211. Happy anniversary 50 years are not enough!
212. (9/21) Lakeside in the sun
Stumbled across a field of generous human kindness
How lovely
To take chances, one gives & the other receives
I could've stayed inside today.(name)
213. ode to Autumn (9/21)
Season of mists and yellow fruitfulness
Close-bosom friend of the maturing sun,
Conspiring with him how to load & bless
with fruit, the vines that round thatched eves run- (name)
214. Winter
Winter comes and my dreams and doubts are alive. School is close and so is the rain from the sky. And now I have to go to start my winder hibernation.(name)
215. (9/21)Riding through
Stopped for a glass of tea
and the view
Memories of other back roads
and other cups of tea
In Kenya and Zanzibar
and other places
beyond the sea
thanks be
216. (9/20)Going through a hard time right now in my life...so it is reinvigorating & inspiring to experience these simple acts of kindness & warm words left by my community. Thank you for this space!
217. (9/15)"Stay kind, committed to love, and free in your authenticity, and no matter what they do or say, never doubt your Beauty or worth"
Wish my fellow tea drinkers could see how beautiful this day is! (initial)
218. (other side of 217 but different handwriting) Keep your wishes close to your heart! (initals)
219. Thank you thank you! I've always ridden by on my way to work and only recently discovered the fine tea. What a refreshing way to end(?not sure of this word) my ride w/a lovely cup having conversation (name)
220. (8/30) (colored flowers greenstems behind script) Aw - - so bitter sweet, the end of a beautiful month of August! It's really true that time flies when you're having fun! Also that time speeds up as you age, most definitely. I hope you had & great & lovely August & thank you, once more, for being here. I appreciate you. always XX Best (initials)I'm pretty sure I have no idea who this is and it's definitely not a personal note to me
221. (lovely delicate picture of vine and little red blossoms/flowers)
222. (9/2) Here I sit again to ponder/ I wonder and see/ the person I want to be/ so far away/ like the rising sun/ on the Eastern/ horison/ cresting the tree tops/ inching closer/ the warm light beckons (name or biblical quote not sure which)
223. (name)(9/2)I just want to say "muchas Gracias" Senor.
Its. very nice from you
Tiene usted un corazon muy noble y Grande
224. Sister Death took you pain and despair drained light hope to where I could not follow now you're gone and I remain sorting through the shards trying to recall the sweet songs music of you laughter light emmantating from your face
your scent as you walked by
inside you are whole
yet there is rubble too.
225. Thank you! whenever I pass this it makes me happy. First time stopping. cheers.
226. (8/25) Every Thursday I race at Seward Park. On the way home the tea stand beckons from Colman Park.
Though I never come in first.
I always build up quite a thirst
On these summer days that can be quite hot, The free herbal tea always hits the spot.
Thank you for the weekly refreshment! (name/address)
227. Dear (name) You are not far away, but the times that you sang "you are my sunshine" to the baby in my belly are(not sure if this is the right word) far away. She is grown now, and both of us still smile when we hear the song.
Love love love
228. (initials) Our love was great while it lasted but I am ready to do me. Hope everything works out for you and I will always remember our time together (tag smilely icon [this was in all caps])
229. Hello Jay (me) My husband met you on the bus this week. Your tea table is the highlight of my week! Just lovely and heart warming. thanks for offering a rare respite in this hurried world (name)
PS. I'm about to fly home on a redeye tonight because my sister's baby was stillborn. So this was an especially well times surprise, finding this bright light of a tea table (smilely face)
230. Thank you for your unconditional hospitality for the strangers that pass by! I've enjoyed the fresh tea over the season. Best always (name)
231. Tree longs for a tree
Winter spring eats fall down down
Tea table links tree tears drain
Boxes Kara rhymes hard
232. (a line of chinese characters) Thank you for the delicious tea & warm hospitality! Hope we can meet in person one day. Cheers (2 sets initials)

The tea table was taken down 29th October noonish for the rest of the year. Stored to be replenished, touched up and restored to be used next year. Thank you to everyone who came by, left or did not leave messages and I hope to meet you again in the spring of '17---Jay