Tea table cards for 2016 (somewhat out of order)

I have tried to follow the spelling as written and noted when I couldn't decifer a word- just done the best I could
If you knew me better you could think that this is a novel or story I'm building but it's not.
However one element of this year's cards is that some young people were having a summer love fest and using the cards to write and draw to each other ( so the 'I love you' cards are not directed at me- I'm pretty sure)

Each section of these cards for 2016 are 100 cards each so this is the first one hundred.
Also I'm going to be leaving out the simple 'Thank you' cards from now on
Yours, Jay

1. In a crazy world, creating this beautiful, safe peaceful space is truly needed. Thank you (heart image)

2. I sometimes will stop and wonder, what are the people that I have met from previous travel visits doing right now in their specific homes. Right now I'm drinking tea & looking at Mt. Rainier. What a wonderful place to be.

3. To Valeria; To begin anew a season and the leaves change so it cycles on (name)

4. Thanks so much for this idyll! I've biked past here for years and finally stopped to enjoy the tea while reading my book, Being Mortal It's good to take a moment to appreciate the little things. You're a blessing. (name)

5. You didn't say. “Don't say.” but I held my heart in secret even so. The man you woke up to was not the man you took to bed. I'm so sorry, so sad. I'll tell you everything.

6. This was the perfect sustenance at 5:00 AM after spending the night with old friends and jumping in the lake. On the hottest night of the year! Thanks and xoxo (name)

7. Sitting here in this very special place you have provided, with a sacred view f Mt. Rainier has brought peaceful respite to an otherwise extremely challenging week where I almost lost all hope through a depression revisited- Thank you with love -->a cyclist riding by (8.13.16)

8. Picture of a woman and child words; My Grandma sitting in a chair at your sea set on a pretty day!

9. Drawing of trees and mountains words; Thanks to all!

10. Drawing of Mt Rainier words; To my good friend may I take the time to dwell on you again sera

11. (name) I got this crystal from a really amazing place. Ask me about when we see each other. (picture of palm tree)

12. Moon rise/ meteors/ trips around the sun 13. Not everything can be beautiful. Everytime there is a deep ugly feeling, its time to remember ; the sun will rise, the lake will still cradle you, a better love will be showered over you.

14. Inhale the future,/ exhale the past....

15. For you there'll be no more crying. For you the sun will be shining, and I feel the when I with you, it's alright. I know it's right. To you I'll give the world, to you. I'll never be cold. Cause I feel that when I'l with you, It's alright. I Know it's right. And the songbirds are singing like they know the score.//And I love you. I love you....like never before (names)

16. 08.07.2016 7.20 pm Hello – again! I had an increditbly hectic day @ work today which comes w/the territory of working @ a restaurant on Leschi during Seafair, but I have to admit that we weren't as prepared as we thought we were, which essentially made it that much more stress inducing! Anyway, it certainly helped knowing I could sopt by here on my way home & not only indulge in some delicious handmade tea, but also that I could just sit for a bit, take some deep breaths & remind myself that tomorrow is a new day! I've said it once & I'll say it again – thanks for having this here! It truly makes my day a little brighter everytime I get the chance to stop by. You rock! (heart and initials)

17. Enjoy yourself (drawing of moon and stars)

18. #THOUGHTFUL/ The word of the day. After enjoying this Tea and lovely table.

19. Who would've thought being in a car for more than thre days would actually be amazing. I guess it depends on where your going and who you're with that fives it that kind of pleasure of forgetting the concept of time. And maybe the scenery as well (drawing of dots and palm tree and maybe a mountain)

20. “A thousand moments that I had taken for granted – mostly because I had assumed that there would be a thousand mre.” Morgan Matson Thank you for the tea & the space to appreciate the thousands of reasons I have to be thankful.

21. There's no 'I' in team./ but ther is 'me' in team/ You can also spell 'stuck/ in the word 'Starbucks'/ Don't ask me 'y' I know./ Just understand and 'try' to go/ Pokemon Go!

22. Brindled/ He runs through life/ Brindles & unaware/ Thank you for the lovely venue

23. How many free tea stands are there in Seattle? Or anywhere? And in such a location? Thank you!

24. Beaming reflective/spinning majestic,/ there awaits our coveted garden/ pink and blue (drawing of Mt. Rainier)

25. My Dear Eza/ No one place on earth/ is home for you/ And in finding your home in/ your heart/ you can find a home with Pado

26. Drawing of heart with hands outstretched eyelids closed words 'thank you' inside

27. Thank you for the communitea (drawing of cup steaming) 8/8/16

28. Dear Kendall/ Is it sunny in Hawaii?/Are the trees green?/We love you/ We hope you are having fun/ love (name)

29. pictograms sort of in a face pattern in blue pencil then a smiley face

30. Emmy- Seeing the Olympian gymnasts spin, twist and tumble as they fly reminds me that you can do and be anything and anyone you choose. I plan to live long enough to see your choices. Grandpa (name)

31. Lance, my 89 year-old godfather, is being as present as possible in mind & body as his lung, heart & cognitive function decline.
He set his mind intention to understadning "truth" (in the moment & timeless truth). May he fully enjoy many many moments of joy & clarity in the time remaining.

Life in transition
learning to hold you.
Learning to hold me.
Learning to hold us
It's always so hard to let go of the old and welcome the new
It seems to slip through my outstretched hands.
Only time, practice & patience will strenthen my grip.
And yet.
I will always be
Learning to hold you
Learning to hold me
learning to hold us

33. Who's job is it to make our planet more socially equitable?

Mine? Yours? Ours?

34. To: Grandpa Ted Everything is going to be alright (drawings of heart shining, music notes a child's head and a flower)

35. Dear Anaya, You're the furthest away person we know! Zara misses you and so do we. (hashtags and names)

36. On our way for a jump in the lake

It's evening time, so our skin will not bake

A stop in the grass for a view and some tea

We will remember indefinitely

37. Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find endless reserves of strength. - Rachel Carson

38. How Lovely! Thank you! And I was so thirsty! (drawing of a heart)

39. Thank you for continuing to put out tea for Strangers & neighbors

40. Your tea and generosity has become a part of my riding ritual, thank you for your kindness! (name smiley face)

41. I love this tea stand so mutch! (names)

42. I first visited rainier last year I was floored by the experience being in such a serene setting with the mountain loring over me. I recognized the mountain as a demi-gods it effts weather, the earth, and creation around it. it was the difining part of my current spirituality I feel that whenever I view rainier itput the whole world in context. YOu are amazing no matter what! (smiley face)

The world is a magical place.
Even with its demons and anxieties dragging me though the dusty dry dirt
Uncertainty abound.
One certainty greater than all others.
The world is a beautiful place.
This tea proves it
These people long since moving on, prove it.
(initials 7/10) Thank you.

44. Thank again! My boyfriend & I have stopped here before. Love the new table.

Tea is yummy!

Nice mid-run break! (name)

45. Tea jasmine and mint

Bong hits Saturday drama

peracheta table

46. everyones rushing, except not. its inertia decisions, & potential energy stored while watching the tube. "oh this!" *tumbles out of bed into sidewalks....."don't look at anyone...don't speed...get THERE (can't read) & then relax"

47. stopped on our way back to Bellevue You guys rock & thank you soo much (names)

48. (very fancy script) Boolin

49. I love everyone.

50. zoomed by on my motorcycle, then turned around. July 22, 2015 3:15 PM (drawing of motorcycle)

Clawing our way into future
Selfish defenses outweigh human fixtures
Chromatic spectsums never raise suspicious
Rustle the tea leaf from the gods
Prophets will ehlp us in our journey

Cheers (initial)

52. Sangria for the win!
I anticipated a pretty mundane run of the mill kind of day....& the SANGRIA (opposite side PROSE)

53. The meaning for me is to shae with good people. To love and belove and to embrace uncertainty and anxiety

Thank you for creating a space for this (THis is in script that is similar to notecard 43. )

54. Hello Jay! My name is ( ) you talked to my dad ( ) about base lessons, so I may beseeingyou soon! Thanks for the tea. (name and symbol for woman)

55. Touching the tender give
feel the release,reach beyond prickle catches dew-moistened sleeve perfect speciman of utter choice another season when rain falls rumination of bliss.
But for now, the succulence draws blood
The vine releases the gold
another blackbery crop for now.

56. I love you.

57. Thanks for the tea mate. It would be nice if there wa a sugar bowl! (smiley face) might need to start to bring my own.

summer breeze leaves sway
lifts hair from my face and neck
sighs of contentment
sky soft grey and blue
hot sun bakes yellow lions
in dark shade rustles

July 16-afternoon

59. Beautiful day parked @ the turn table! About to do some hw in calculus today..Time to relax then work hard. Good vibes

60. (name),
although you will never see this it helps me to write it down, I am trying to make myself want you to be happy and by doing that I am slowly letting you go our friendship is built on toxic competitiveness and I finally want to let go of that I'm starting a new leaf of positivity and I love you for helping me realize I need something new (heart and name and fingerprints)

61. Thankful for people with courage whose lives continue to inspire. And for tea. (name 8/8)(other side)

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can learn to love."-Nelson Mandela

Mandela walked a long walk to freedom

"I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look vback in the distance I havecome. But Ican rest only for a moment for with freedom come responsibilities and I dare not linger, for my walk is not yet ended."

62. Thank for the tea! (drawing of a rabbit)

63. one day I aspire to be the type of person who provides free tea.

64. Thank you forthe tea and the wonderful act of caring! (name) from Arizona

65. Dear (name)
I'm letting you go as I ride a cycle through your neighborhood. May you feel safe, loved, peaceful, and healthy. I hope water will flow us back together. (heart)

66. (drawing of the two tea jars)

67. "and for a secndtime you begin to discover yourself again. This is the kind of feelig people have when they start to believe in something bigger than themselves
And I hope you find more than just yourself.
I hope you find the strength to not hurt the people who love you.
I hope you find a thougsand miracles hidden in teh soft rain and I hope you find art in all teh people you deserve to love."(name is this possibly a song by Drake? the card implies this)

68. Turning toward what you deeply love will save you. Rumi

69. Thank you for a delightful repose with an amazing view of Mt. Rainier! I had no idea the viewpoint was here! (name)

70. (set of notes on a staff f8 g8 g8 a2 g8 a8 b8 g8 f2 g8 b8)
A score? For You?
( as a musician this is probably in 3/8 and so the two half notes '2' are really quarternotes '4' and the last measure I think they just ran out of room)

71. (draw of a heart with mountain and sun inside very detailed both heart and mountain) I love you
"love she believed had come suddenly with a great clap of thunder and a lightning flash. A tempest from heaven that falls upon your life, like a devastation, scatters your ideals like leaves and hurts your very soul into the abyss"

72. I love that you do this.
I'm inspired to do something kind today.
Thank you.

73. (drawing of a steaming cup of tea) Thank you

74. I sit here drinking tea, happy, comfortable, content. I ask myself "would I be better off a millionaire?" I pour another cup.

75. This tea was a surreal experience.
May the force be with you. Always. (initials)

76. Thank you for a lovely oasis in the middle of a long hot ride!
The view is spectacular!

77. I love you.

78. filled with much content I drink from a strangers tea wishing you were here

79. to (name) I was in the area so I stopped by on my way home, which you would know if you answer me. I just give you more space. But miss ya, have an amazing day, and call me tonight or tomorrow morning much love bud, (name drawing of an eye)
(other side tropical scene with an open eye in the sky and a sloth hanging from a branch.

80. Surrealistic drawing by the palm tree artist

81. Revenge and envy are/ the trespassers/ regard them with/ suspicion/ Do not give them/ the due they request.

82. drawing green flower(?)

83. tasty tea on a summer day,/ Makes me wonder if I may/ Savor this a moment longer,/ to make my heart and soul feel stronger.

84. (8/10/16) I mis my best friend (frowning icon and name)

85. Jah- One Love! (heart) Bless (drawing maybe angel? looks like a halo)

86. To Mt. Rainier (drawing in blue of the mountain)

87. (detailed drawing of the park and scenery- pencil)

88. (peace symbol)Peace and love (tree) I really appreciat the tea thx (sun)

89. Thank you (drawing of a bicycle surrounded by hearts)

90. Thank you for your generosity, humor, creativity- you inspire us to reciprocate and "pay it forward" (names)

91. (heart)Thanks (initials)

92. Today is a new day/ Today is a miracle/ Love every moment.

93. Lesson 141 CIM ( I have no idea what that means) My mind holds only what I think with God. I thank my Father for His gifts to me. Let me remember I am one with God. Thanks for the tea.

94. For (name) Leave all your stepping stones behind there's something calling you. Forget about the dead you'v left they will not follow you. The vagabond who is rapping at your door/standing in the clothes you once wore/ Go strike a match go start anew/ and its all over now, baby blue. oxoxo (initial)

95. It is after 10pm asnd I'l drinking mostly mind herbal tea and I have a few more miles to bike. THANK YOU THANK YOU this is magical.
(other side) Oh, there are lines here. Ha. XOXOXO

A gift is offered
nothing more
Too often
What is seems not enough
But what is ~ is

97. (drawing of mesa at night) I never felt farther from the truth within me than in your prwesence a dammed Rio Grande Canyon of dis& stance. Where foto opps, foto shops & dirty & clean water runs thru, you are X, right here & I am tumbling in Pacifico now & soon.(all in caps)

98. (sketch of scene of park) 99. (Drawing of a mountain)(name) 100. Life is great (drawing of something thought it was the mountain but it's not)