Frequently asked Questions Frequently asked Questions

1. Parents stay and observe especially in the group classes. This helps the younger students because the whole family or at least the parent and the child in the class know what is expected and how to do the homework.

2. I do not give out the exact address to the studio until you have signed up and I can send you precise directions. The studio is difficult to find and often people use their GPS thinking that will work and in my experience too often it doesn't.

3.The cd's that you get for each class are yours to keep. I realize that some of you may not have a cd player but much of the music I hope the kids will listen to (be exposed to) is under copyright and therefore I cannot post it either via email or online. I hope the cd's are something that the student will come to value and recognize pieces later in their lives.

4. Payment is cash or check. I am too small of a business to afford the fees that debit or credit card systems charge.

5. No siblings in the same class.
I have learned through many years of doing this that siblings in the same class is a bad idea. I realize that from a transportation/convenience side that having the kids in the same class is best. However, each child is different and usually one does something better than the other and then both quit. I have two classes and that way they can be separated enjoy what they individually can do and the level of competition is lower.

6. I don't take students in a specific instrument until they have tried all instruments so that we are agreed that the instrument chosen is the right one. If they already have experience with their instrument and are seeking help to get better then the above is moot. However please note that I am best with beginners, if a student has a few years of lessons with someone else I am probably not the best choice except with low strings [guitar, cello, bass].