The Turtling Dithers

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Dead Man's Piano, Casserole, Fred, and Honor are all folk musicals we have performed. Who are you and how do you know? was an amalgamation of folk, song cycle (more classical), and theatrical in the sense that there was movement and 'acting' involved. Generally we don't move around much just tell a story/stories and sing our songs, sitting still- mostly.
In Spring of 2014 we performed Luv Sungs and Other fairy Tales
In 2015-16 We performed Nothing is what it seems at various locations
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Dead Man's Piano ; a tale with music for two singers, acoustic, electric and classical guitars, ukulele, jews harps, clackamore, frog and acoustic bass (performed May 2006/January 2007),

Casserole songs and sort of a musical with guitars, cello, and sax (performed 2008),

Fred A sequel to Casserole was performed 10 April 2010

Honor The fourth music/tale this one without much dialogue so the link is to the 'songs' which we performed with minimal breaks.May 2011

Who are you and how do you know?
A three part performance/concert, this link should take you to a page with links to all the sections plus the scripts for each part. performed in April 2012 Seattle, Roger Nelson-piano, Maurice Colasurdo-guitar, Paul Karaitis- tenor(the voice of God in Enkidu), Gordon Frazier-clown MC generally silent, Jay Hamilton- bass guitar, guitar and voice.